Charlotte’s older, historic neighborhoods are filled with brick homes. Brick is a classic building material that has stood the test of time, but what can you do if you are ready for an exterior refresh? The biggest choice we often see homeowners make is to paint it. We completely understand the appeal and – full disclosure – we love the look of painted brick homes, especially when they are a classic white that buyers love. However, there are some drawbacks to painting brick. One, it makes a naturally very low-maintenance material something that requires regular upkeep, and, two, it can be a very costly project. So, if you are seeking a way to liven up your tired exterior, here are five of our favorite ways to brighten your brick without paint…


Give It a Good Scrub

Brick exteriors can often look old and outdated simply because they are dingy. Brick is a porous material so it can trap dirt, soot, and residue with constant exposure to the elements. You might be surprised what a major difference a deep, thorough clean can make to bring out the true color of your home.


Paint the Front Door

When you are refreshing an interior space, the easiest way to instantly update it is by adding a pop of color. The same holds true on the exterior of a home. Painting the front door is a cost-effective way to give your home some much-needed personality. You can pick a color that complements your home’s exterior or one that draws attention away from your brick. Be sure to check out our blog on the dos and don’ts of selecting your front door color for added tips here.


Refresh Your Trim and Shutters

Just like with a front door, a smaller paint job on the trim and shutters may be the perfect refresh to breathe new life into your home. Just be sure to test a few colors to find the best fit for your brick! Plus, if you don’t currently have shutters, adding them (depending on your home’s style) can be a great way to draw the eye and add visual interest.


Level Up the Landscaping

You can never go wrong with fresh landscaping to boost your home’s curb appeal. Not only does it typically have a great return on investment if you are ready to sell your home, but well-planned landscaping can be totally transformative. Remember to think about both color and scale when picking new plants, shrubbery, and trees.


Apply a Stain

If you simply cannot work with the existing color of your brick, staining can be a good alternative to painting. A stain is applied to the surface of your brick and is absorbed to alter the color like a dye. Staining has less upkeep than painting and keeps the brick’s natural variation. Brick staining is a pretty permanent choice so we definitely recommend calling in the pros if you go this route.


Are you team brick? We would love to hear your ideas for updating a brick exterior. Leave us a comment below.