You don’t have to have a butler to appreciate the latest home feature that buyers and homeowners alike are coveting. Sculleries and butler’s pantries are all the rage today and we can see why. We have stuff. A lot of stuff, in fact, and we don’t always want to see it. The more that we crave open-plan living, the more important it has become to be intentional with storage solutions… especially in the kitchen!


What is a Scullery?

Also known as a “back kitchen,” a scullery is an area off the main kitchen that is used for cleaning and storage. It’s typically a tucked away or concealed space so you can hide the mess. Let’s be honest, no one wants to entertain in the middle of a pile of dirty dishes or spend the entire party cleaning the kitchen instead of having fun with your guests. A scullery can be as simple as a sink and cabinetry for storage, but, more often, you’ll find what looks like a mini-kitchen with added appliances like a microwave and extra dishwasher.









What is a Butler’s Pantry?

The line between a scullery and a butler’s pantry can be blurry, but a butler’s pantry is typically a more modest and smaller space. Historically, it would serve as a space for the butler to ensure the food presentation met the house’s high standards before it was taken to guests. Now, the pantry’s primary purpose is for serving, prepping, and storing essentials (sans butler). It’s typically a nook by the kitchen and dining area with counter space, cabinetry, and bar accessories. You may find a prep sink or wine fridge, but you won’t see the full-sized appliances or cleaning zones found in a scullery.









What home feature is living rent-free in your mind these days? Let us know what you are currently coveting in the comments below.


Cover Photo: Katie Davis Design