Your front door is your home’s calling card. It’s the first thing people see when they visit so it should help tell your story and serve as a welcoming introduction to your space. One easy and inexpensive way for your front door to “say hello” is through paint. There isn’t a set rule book for choosing your front door color, but follow these dos and don’ts to make the most of your curb appeal.  


Do: Consider Your Home’s Style 

Knowing your home’s style can help point you in the right direction because you can lean into its style for a more harmonious look or you can make the decision to create a thoughtful juxtaposition. If you have a traditional façade, do you want to play that up with a complimentary door color, like black or navy blue, or do you want to create an unexpected contrast with, say, aqua or chartreuse? Whether you want to pay homage to your home’s bones or take it in a new direction, you will want to select a color that acknowledges your existing house color.  


Don’t: Neglect to Look at Your Neighbors for Cues 

Take a walk or drive around the neighborhood (and beyond) for inspiration to see what color combinations you love. Look for homes with a similar style and exterior color as yours to get a picture in your mind of what your home could like if you choose a similar front door color. Be sure to look online as well. Pinterest, home design websites, and DIY blogs are all great starting points to get your wheels turning.  


Do: Think about Timeless Choices 

While painting your door may be a small home project, you want to ensure that you will love your selection for years to come. Neutrals are always in style and pair well with almost any house. Black, white, and gray are many people’s go-to colors, but other time-honored color choices like classic reds or blues can withstand the test of time too. Another timeless choice to consider is forgoing the paint altogether in favor of a wood stain to honor the door’s natural material or draw attention to a beautiful grain pattern.  

Don’t: Be Afraid of Color 

Timeless doesn’t have to mean neutral and it certainly doesn’t have to mean boring! If you a person that loves to wear colors or have color in your home, you will likely love having a pop of color on your front door. Painting a front door is a smaller commitment than painting the entire exterior of your home or even a full interior room so give yourself permission to have some fun! Select a color that speaks to you. Bright colors can make a bold statement, pastel colors can create a calming aura, and dark colors can set a moody tone.  


Do: Think about the Trim  

When tackling your front door, be sure to think about the trim too. You will want to trim to feel just as fresh as your newly painted door so plan for it as a part of your project as well.  


Don’t: Forget to Consult Your Neighborhood Rules 

Do you live in a historic district or a neighborhood with a governing Homeowner’s Association? If so, be sure to consult your neighborhood guidelines for permitted colors or the required approval process for exterior home changes. You don’t want to unknowingly break the rules as it can result in the added cost and time of re-painting your freshly painted door or paying an additional fine.  



Do: Purchase the Right Paint 

Using the proper paint that is made to withstand the elements is essential. You want a paint that can help protect against color fading and prevent paint peeling. You will also need to ensure that your paint selection is appropriate for your door material. Finish is another important factor in selecting the best paint for your project. A semi-gloss paint can be more forgiving and hide flaws on a door better than a high-gloss finish, for example. Don’t worry, you don’t have to become an overnight expert or do extensive research. Simply talk to a professional at your local paint, hardware, or home improvement store. They can guide you in the right direction and help you find the best fit.  


Don’t: Pick Your Paint Color Indoors 

Paints look different in different environments so be sure to evaluate your selection in the place where it will live. Tape up paint swatches or paint test colors directly on your existing front door so you can best assess your options. Also be sure to look at the colors throughout the day to ensure you love it at different times as the lighting changes.  


Whether you decide on a door that stands out or blends in, you are well on your way to picking the perfect color with these tips in mind. Tell us what color you are thinking about for your house in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!