With this practically perfect weather we have been having lately, we have been inspired to make sure that all of our outdoor areas are refreshed and looking their best. Whether it’s a front porch overlooking the neighborhood, a back deck made for grilling, or a patio where you can soak in the sun, here’s our list of must-haves to maximize your outdoor space this year…


Stylish Seating

Having a stylish and comfortable perch is the first thing you should invest in for your space. Even the smallest of spaces can accommodate a pair of chairs ready for an impromptu conversation with a neighbor or friend while larger spaces can use full patio sets or mix-and-match outdoor furniture to create an entire entertaining area. 


Layered Lighting

Daylight hours may be prime outdoor time, but if you aren’t using your outdoor spaces at night, you are missing out! To make your patio usable into the evening hours, you will need to install some lighting. Don’t fret though — it doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as running string lights from an outdoor outlet using an extension cord or using a solar option that doesn’t require any electricity. 


Potted Plants

Having plants outdoors… radical idea, we know! It may seem obvious, but having potted plants or container gardens elevate any urban yard. They soften hardscapes, add color and texture, and are low maintenance. 


A Shady Spot

Don’t let the blazing sun limit your time or enjoyment outdoors. Set up a shaded area to protect your skin and beat the heat. A large umbrella is an easy, cost-effective way to create some shade on your deck and an opportunity to add some color and pattern to boost your style quotient. Or, if you are looking for something with more staying power, you could install a pergola or gazebo. 


A Food & Beverage Zone

Sure, if we are dreaming big, we would love to have a stunning outdoor kitchen with all of the amenities. Of course, not every space or budget can accommodate such an undertaking. Luckily, coming back down to earth can be just as enjoyable! A propane grill or portable pizza oven can be a great way to take your cooking outside. We also love the idea of a serving cart or bar cart that you can roll outdoors when you are ready to party! 


A Dining Area

Few things bring people together the way sharing a good meal does. Whether you want to enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee by yourself in the morning or gather your friends and family for a casual dinner, designating an outdoor dining area is a great idea. If you are short on space, consider a small bistro table or a table that folds down when not in use to make the most of limited square footage. 


A WFH Workspace

On remote work days, step up your work-from-home game by carving out an alfresco office. You don’t need much. Just a spot to open up your laptop or take a zoom call. You will be amazed how much stepping outside motivates you and makes the workday fly by. 


Secret Storage

To keep your outdoor space tidy and clean, you will want a place to hide all the clutter. We love a garden bench with hidden storage or a simple storage cabinet where you can tuck the essentials. It’s all about getting items big and small out of sight and protected from the elements. 


We would love to see how you are refreshing your outdoor space this season! Share a pic on Instagram and be sure to tag @gwrealestate.



Cover Photo Source: Jake Arnold via Better Homes & Garden