We all lead busy lives and can easily lose track of the moment. So we decided to fully embrace the present in a fun, team icebreaker game this month. From what TV shows we are watching to who we are texting, check out what the Genevieve Williams Real Estate team is up to right now. Play along and share your answers with us.


What Are You Currently Watching?

  • Genevieve: Ozark on Netflix
  • Rachel: The Ultimatum on Netflix… and I love every messy minute of it!
  • Siobhan: After Party on Apple+
  • Emily: I Just Finished Season 2 of Bridgerton on Netflix. The Staircase on HBO Max is Probably Next on My List.


What Are You In The Middle of Reading?

  • Genevieve: The Christie Affair by Nina de Gramont
  • Rachel: I’m on the Hunt for a Good Summer Read Right Now. If You Have Any Suggestions, Let Me Know!
  • Siobhan: Storyteller by Dave Grohl
  • Emily: People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry


The Song You Are Cranking Up To A High Volume In Your Car These Days?

  • Genevieve: I’ve Gone into Full Summer Jams Mode
  • Rachel: Anything by Harry Styles
  • Siobhan: As It Was by Harry Styles
  • Emily: Heart First by Kelsea Ballerini


Charlotte Restaurant Where You Most Recently Dined?

  • Genevieve: Dilworth Tasting Room
  • Rachel: Supperland
  • Siobhan: Ever Andalo
  • Emily: The Jimmy


What Is Your Most Recent Purchase For Your Home?

  • Genevieve: Porch Furniture
  • Rachel: A Plant…It’s Always a Plant!
  • Siobhan: New Rugs
  • Emily: A New Dining Room Chandelier from Lulu and Georgia


What Website Are You Are Constantly Visiting?

  • Genevieve: Anthropologie
  • Rachel: CNN or Us Weekly
  • Siobhan: Serena & Lily and Anthropologie
  • Emily: Mint… Very Boring, I Know!


A Go-To Item You Have In Your Handbag At This Moment?

  • Genevieve: Face Sunscreen
  • Rachel: Chapstick, Gum, and a Pen
  • Siobhan: I Don’t Carry a Handbag, but SuperGoop Glowscreen is my Security Blanket
  • Emily: It’s a Tie Between Vapour Lip Conditioner and an iPhone Charger


Item In Your Closet Getting The Most Wear?

  • Genevieve: Sandals
  • Rachel: Hmm, Which Pair of Athleisure Pants Should I Say?
  • Siobhan: It’s Sundress Season for Me!
  • Emily: Flowy Cotton Shirts… My Not-So-Secret Way of Wearing a Comfortable T-Shirt Every Day πŸ˜‰


Last Person You Texted And What It Was About?

  • Genevieve: My Husband to Make Dinner Plans
  • Rachel: Texting a Client about Setting up a Showing with Next to No Availability. UGH!!
  • Siobhan: Definitely Something Snarky to Rachel
  • Emily: My Friend (& Client) Erin with Photos of the Newly-Finished Pool She Just Added to Her House


Last Thing You Googled?

  • Genevieve: Wallpapers
  • Rachel: My Newest Paint Color Obsession, Sherwin Williams Malted Milk. I Need to Find a Place For It In My Life.
  • Siobhan: Something True Crime Related
  • Emily: Hotels in Savannah for a Girls’ Trip This Fall


Phone App You Currently Have Open?

  • Genevieve: Pinterest
  • Rachel: Spotify
  • Siobhan: Gmail
  • Emily: Unfold


Most Recent Photo You Took?

  • Genevieve: My Boys in the Florida Swamp
  • Rachel: A Screenshot of a Summer Salad Recipe That Looked Good. That Pic Will Now Join the 97,000 Other Ones that I Promptly Forget About as Soon as It Hits My Library.
  • Siobhan: My Daughter Looking Adorable
  • Emily: Floor Tile Samples for a Bathroom Refresh


Last Thing You Treated Yourself To?

  • Genevieve: Hot Yoga
  • Rachel: My Kid’s Doritos (Hoping He Won’t Notice!)
  • Siobhan: A Pedicure from Retention Nails & Spa
  • Emily: A Lemon Ricotta Cookie from Villani’s Bakery. YUM!


What Did You Just Cross Off Your “To Do” List?

  • Genevieve: Off-Market Strategy for a Listing
  • Rachel: I Answered These Questions πŸ˜‡
  • Siobhan: My Buyer Showings for Today
  • Emily: Updated Our Monthly Marketing Planning Calendar For Our Next GWRE Team Meeting


Something That Made You Smile Today?

  • Genevieve: Rachel Falling πŸ˜‚
  • Rachel: All the Green Outside. This is My Favorite Time of Year!
  • Siobhan: Getting a Listing Under Contract!
  • Emily: Seeing Someone Taking 100 Selfies with a Pink Delivery Robot on the Sidewalk Outside of Our Office This Morning πŸ˜‚


Want to know something else the GW Real Estate team is up to right now? Ask us a question below! We would love to hear from you.