We aren’t ones to engage in bathroom talk, but we’ll make an exception for the often-neglected powder room! Powder rooms are high-traffic spaces and deserve to be more than utilitarian. They are the perfect place to take a design risk because they are contained and don’t necessarily need to relate to other rooms. Plus, powder rooms are an amazing opportunity to surprise and delight your guests in a room they are sure to visit. There are countless ways to spiff up the space, but here are 5 fail-proof ways to design a powder room that packs a punch…


Whimsical Wallpaper

Since a powder room is often the smallest room in a house, you can (and should!) treat it like a jewel box. Let your creativity shine with boldly patterned and colored wallpaper that make a statement.




Statement Sinks

Every powder room needs a sink so why not make it special? Whether it’s a boldly-colored vanity or a floating marble vessel, you can turn a functional piece into a high-impact moment that everyone is sure to talk about.




Mesmerizing Mirrors

Banish the boring rectangle and opt for a more original mirror selection. Play with shape and material for a unique look that fits your personality to a tee. Just make sure the scale makes sense with the other elements in your room.



Luxe Lighting

Lighting shouldn’t be an afterthought in any room, but this especially holds true if your powder room lacks natural light. Bring in a stylish sconce or two so you don’t have to rely only on overhead lighting.




Dare To Go Dark

Don’t be afraid to lean into the smallness of a powder room by going dark. You’ll be surprised that a deep tone won’t overwhelm the senses. Instead of a cave, you’ll have a dramatic room that feels chic and moody.




Cover Photo: Homes & Gardens