We ask a lot from our homes these days. They have become not only living spaces, but work headquarters and school zones. With so many demands on our square footage, it isn’t a surprise that we have more clients and neighbors talking to us about their desire for some separation. So now the question becomes how much separation. Will the open floor plan give way for the return of separate rooms?


Our take is that connected living spaces aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The reality is that open floor plans offer a lot of positives that homeowners still want like improved flow, increased natural light, and the ability to make smaller square footage feel bigger.

We do, however, think that private spaces and places to retreat will become “must haves” on many peoples’ list of home requirements. Let’s be honest, even the idea of having a place where you can shut the door and get away from it all already has us feeling more zen. There was already a desire for having spots of sanctuary within the home prior to the pandemic. Spa bathrooms and luxe owner’s suites have topped wish lists for years.


Now, as we (hopefully) move into a post-COVID world, we anticipate that flex spaces will be the answer to having your cake and eating it too. People are ready to entertain and simply hang out with other people. Having an open living, dining, and cooking space is ideal for that. The ultimate gathering space! Then a flex space can step in to create that needed separation in your home. Maybe you need a dedicated home office, library, music room, fitness center, or maybe you simply need a place where you can watch Real Housewives in peace. That is the express purpose of a flex space — it can be whatever you want or need it to be!

Take an honest inventory of your current home or look at new homes you are touring with fresh eyes. There isn’t going to be a sign hanging on the door that says “flex space.” Think creatively and reimagine a rarely-used guest room, a formal dining room that doesn’t fit your lifestyle, or even a nook in the hallway as something else. Something you will not only use, but love. You will be amazed at how changing one space will change the way you live!