Maximalist interiors have taken over social feeds and design magazines this year, but what exactly is maximalism? To put it simply, it’s decorating on steroids. It’s boldly layering patterns, colors, textures, and objects to make a statement. Maximalists aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of design. They, instead, focus on creating intensely-personal spaces that are expressive and unapologetic.


Maximalism may have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent months and years, but it is by no means a modern trend. Maximalists have existed around the globe for centuries. Historically, it was a way people could showcase their riches and display their wealth. Now, people see maximalism as a way to reflect their personalities and life experiences. Collected objects, family pieces, art, and mementos from travel are all hallmarks of a maximalist space.


Don’t let a maximalist space fool you though. What may seem chaotic to some, is actually a master class in balance and design principles. Combining colors and patterns is truly an art form.


Are you ready to design to the max? Take a page from these inspiring maximalist interiors…