Everyone wants to do it, but they usually don’t know where to start—eating healthy while eating out. If you’re looking for a healthy start in the new year, you don’t have to rely solely on salads. Here are our top picks for healthy eating in our area, and what to order at each: 

Smooth Monkey

For a sweet treat, skip the ice cream and go for a smoothie at Smooth Monkey. Skip the chocolate and go with one of the fruit-based options like the Pineapple Express (fresh pineapple, mint, acai, pineapple juice, and banana) or the Youthful Glow Green (kale, spinach, apple juice, cucumber, banana, ginger, and green apple). 

Yafo Kitchen

Given the build-your-own nature of Yafo, it’s very easy to stick to healthier options. Go with the salad and load it up with all the veggie options, but maybe skip the mac and cheese. Better yet, they have a diet-based guide to help you make good choices. 

Cilantro Noodle

If you have a craving for Asian cuisine, Cilantro Noodle can hit the spot. You can customize your own fresh rolls, bowls, or bahn mi, so get creative. We like the fresh rolls and add some avocado for a healthy boost, and try the cilantro vinaigrette to top it off. 

Pure Pizza

Pure Pizza takes the guesswork out of healthy eating out. The pizzeria has dedicated vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menus and sources ingredients from local and southeastern farms. Stop by on a Thursday when kids eat free. 

Optimist Hall

For a progressive dinner of healthy-ier options, head to Optimist Hall. The venue is especially convenient if not everyone in your group is trying to be healthy. Start with edamame from Zukku, grab the Simple Salad from Undercurrent Coffee, and finish up with a Nut Butter + Banana toast at Village Juice Co. As an added healthy boost, Optimist Hall is hosting several wellness and fitness focused classes this month. 

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We would love to hear from you! What are your favorite options for healthy eating when dining out? Let us know in the comments!