I think we all aspire to have a cozy home. No, not cozy as in small, but cozy as in a thoughtful space that feels lived-in and loved. The trick is there isn’t one definition of cozy. A comfortable and welcoming environment is in the eye of the beholder. There are, however, some universal ideas that we believe can warm up any space. Here are some easy ways to cozy up your home this year…


Choose a Warm Wall Color

Paint is hands down the easiest and most cost-effective way to transform the feeling of a space. It sets the mood and serves as the essential backdrop for your furniture and other decor elements to play off of. When trying to cozy up a room, choosing a warmer wall color is the way to go. Just remember that warm doesn’t necessarily mean dark (although that can look amazing too!). There are plenty of warm whites, greiges, and other colors that fit the bill.


Incorporate Wood

Wood instantly adds warmth to a room, even when incorporated in small doses. Hardwood floors are always a winner in terms of both design and re-sale, but also try adding in a wood accent in every room. Maybe it’s a wooden piece of furniture like a dresser or coffee table or maybe it’s a wooden bowl or tray that sits on a table. Plus, you can bring in different wood tones to add even more dimension and depth.


Layer Rugs, Textiles, and Textures

Rugs, pillows, and curtains are cozy building blocks. Layering colors, patterns, and textures in those items create a lived-in and collected-over-time feel to any room in your house. Pay particular attention to textures when trying to make the ultimate cozy space. Mixing in inviting fabrics like velvets, linens, chunky knits, and leather draw you in and beg to be touched. It’s all about the tactile experience!


Blend Old and New

Add character to your home by incorporating a vintage or antique piece. It doesn’t have to be a family heirloom or high-end collectable! Second-hand items have charm and oftentimes can be a conversation starter. Not to mention, hunting for both a bargain and something you love is all part of the fun!


Add Something Fresh

A simple flower arrangement or a touch of greenery makes a space come alive. You can clip something from your yard, buy a hardy plant that will thrive indoors, or simply pick up something on your next Trader Joe’s run. You will be surprised how much it lifts your mood and signals a friendly welcome to guests. If you don’t have a green thumb, there are also some convincing faux stems and plants that require zero maintenance.


Make It Personal

Your home is referred to as your personal sanctuary for a reason — it should be personal! Books you read, art you love, and treasured keepsakes from important life moments and memorable trips all make for a comfortable and cozy space. Don’t be afraid to display them so you see them every day. The best advice we can give to truly love your home is to surround yourself with things you love.


We’re feeling cozy already! How about you?


Cover Image: Heidi Caillier Design