Good style has no bounds… or age limits! As we tour homes throughout Charlotte, we are seeing more of an emphasis placed on kids’ rooms these days. Homeowners are feeling a bit more daring with their color and pattern combinations, dialing down the obvious juvenile bedroom themes. Instead, parents are creating a stylish aesthetic that rivals any other room in their home. Simply put, spaces for kids can be chic! Having an engaging environment for your child to thrive and grow, but also one that you can appreciate as a design-conscious adult is a win-win.


To help all the moms, dads, and parental figures out there, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite out-of-the-box ideas for your little (and not-so-little) ones…


Infant & Toddler

As sweet as all the baby items may be, this stage passes quickly. Ideally, you want a nursery that your baby can grow into. We suggest layers of lighting suited for reading and rest (think table lamps vs. all overhead lighting), black-out window treatments, and plenty of soft surfaces from rugs to upholstered furniture.

Shay Mitchell



Nate Berkus


Rumer Willis



More interactive play means more stuff. Boost the functionality of your child’s room with added storage options including baskets, shelves, and – our personal favorite – closed storage (we love a hidden mess!). Plus, encourage creativity and playtime through color and pattern. Pro tip: murals and wallpaper are a great way to add whimsy.

Jordan Ferney






This is a great age for your little ones to get involved in the design process. It doesn’t need to be carte blanche, but find ways to ask for your child’s input on the design direction. It can be as simple as incorporating a favorite color, displaying a beloved collection, or creating a subtle nod to one of their growing interests.

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Pre-Teen & Teenager

Once you get to those “fun” older years (we are kidding, of course! Air quotes aren’t needed around fun… most days), invest in classic, timeless staples then layer in lots of personality with artwork and accessories. Throw pillows, lamps, and wall decor are much easier to swap in and out as interests change, while still being high impact.





We want to hear from you! What ideas do you have to create the coolest of kids’ rooms?



Cover Photo: Emily Henderson