Feeling groovy? The 70s is back and influencing lots of interior design and home decor choices this year. You don’t need to go full lava lamp and shag carpet though (thank goodness!). This time around, 70s style has a fresh, grown-up spin that’s easy to incorporate with your current home aesthetic. Here’s our take on some of the fun ways you can bring the 70s into your home today…


Sunset Shades

If you read our list of 2023 Colors of the Year, you know that reds, pinks, terracottas, and other sunset-inspired colors are expected to reign supreme this year. You can incorporate them subtly or opt for a bold application.

Sarah Sherman Samuel


Low-Slung Seating

Relaxed, comfortable seating is always a win when it comes to furniture. The 1970s vibe calls for low-slung options, deep seats, and plumped cushions you can really sink into.

Tiffany Howell


Mushroom Motifs

Mushrooms are a quirky design motif we are seeing returning to homes this year. Mushroom lamps, stools, wallpaper, and other accents add playfulness to a room while bringing in a sense of nature.



Warm Woods

Rich, brown wood tones work perfectly in both the past and present in the form of hardwood floors, furniture, and decor. Plus, bringing in different wood tones adds even more dimension and depth.

Architectural Digest


Wicker & Rattan

These woven-wood materials were originally associated with boho style, but have become a mainstay in home design recently. They are durable and a more eco-friendly choice compared to a lot of other materials.

RailiCA Design


Curved Lines

The popularity of curved lines, rounded edges, and organic shapes continues this year. Curved furnishings made our 2022 Trends to Watch list for a good reason – it’s easy it is to incorporate in any room and at any budget.

Crate and Barrel


Tactile Textures

Nubby boucles, lush velvets, rugs with a thicker pile, fluted tiles, and even paneled walls are just as much about the touch as they are about the look. Textured materials are a great way to evoke the senses and create an inviting space.

Justina Blakeney


Vintage Items

Is there anything more 70s than items actually from the 70s? Vintage pieces add soul to space and can be as unique as you are. Plus, the hunt for an amazing vintage item is half the fun!

Claire Brody


Are you excited about a 70s comeback? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.



Cover Photo: Lulu and Georgia