To know Charlotte is to love Charlotte. This beautiful city of ours has so much to offer and, based on the latest metro growth numbers, the word is out! People have been moving to Charlotte in droves, opening new businesses here, and traveling through our city more than ever. Knowing all things Charlotte is an important part of our jobs, but even we had to sit back and be impressed with these city stats…

  • 15th Largest City in the U.S.
  • 3.1 Million Population (Metro Region)
  • 19% Population Growth Since 2010
  • 100+ People Moving to Charlotte Every Day
  • 50% Expected Population Growth by 2050
  • 1.5 Million Jobs (Metro Region)
  • #1 Hottest Real Estate Market in the U.S. (source: Zillow 2023)
  • #2 Largest Banking Center in the U.S. (source: 2022)
  • #3 Best Place to Start a Small Business in the U.S. (source: LendingTree 2021)
  • #6 Top Tech Town in the U.S. (source: CompTIA 2022) 
  • #6 Busiest Airport in the World for Passenger Traffic (source: Airports Council International 2021)
  • #8 Fasting Growing City in the U.S. (source: Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise 2022)
  • 8 Fortune 500 Companies call Charlotte Home


Looking for even more stats? Our team is always happy to pull detailed neighborhood and housing stats for you. Contact us anytime!


Cover Photo: @alexandersouthnc