Congratulations for making it through what felt like the longest January of all time. We aren’t throwing in the towel though. There is a lot to be optimistic about this year. If you read Genevieve’s 2022 Market Forecast, you know that Charlotte’s real estate market is already off to the races. We have tons of clients who are looking for a new home to love plus lots of friends and neighbors wanting to find a way to love their current home a little more. If you are ready for a bit of a refresh in your home, here are 5 design trends to watch in 2022… 


Traditional Touches

Traditional touches and antique accents are coming back in a big way this year. People are gravitating towards sentimental pieces that have a richness and history. Think wingback chairs, rolled arm sofas, real wood, marble, velvet, and ornate mirrors. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean getting rid of your sleek pieces. Mixing and matching current, modern furniture pieces and decor with family heirlooms and vintage items helps create balance and makes a room feel timeless.


Organic Shapes and Curved Furnishings

Curved lines, rounded edges, and organic shapes add softness to a space, which can help provide an environment of comfort and calm. The marriage of form and function has always been a critical part of home design, but 2022 takes that core principle to a new level as more and more people crave coziness. What is great about this trend is how easy it is to incorporate in any room and at any budget. It can be as simple as adding a sculptural lamp or an organic item to a tabletop.


Warmer Neutral Tones

Another way coziness is taking over the home is through color. We are already seeing lots of beige, browns, camel, and earthy tones this year. After several years of uncertainty in the outside world, these warm tones are comforting and inviting, encouraging you to sit and stay for a while. Earthy palettes also play well with plush textures and patterns so it creates a beautiful backdrop for almost any style story.


Biophilic Design

This fancy design term simply expresses the human desire to connect with nature, which we will see play out several ways in homes this year. Indoor plants, natural materials, floral patterns, and large windows are all great choices to bring nature inside. In Charlotte, investing more in our outdoor spaces is also extremely popular. Outdoor kitchen and dining areas, decks, screened porches, outdoor firepits, and even pools have become ways to extend the livability of your home.


Multifunctional Spaces

The multifunctional spaces trend may have been born out of necessity, but it will stay because it gives homeowners the power to choose how they best live. We recently visited a client who turned their formal dining room into a cocktail lounge and another who turned a small upstairs loft with angled ceilings into a library and reading nook. We love it! Sometimes rules need to be thrown out of the window so you can fully enjoy your space. 


What home design trend are you excited to incorporate into your home this year? Leave us a comment below. We would love to hear.



Cover Photo: Room for Tuesday