Setting a table is much more than simply knowing where to place the soup spoon or when to use a salad fork. The arrangement of dinnerware and decorative objects over the holidays has really become an art form. At its heart, a tablescape is about creating an inviting space that welcomes our loved ones to share a meal together. And who doesn’t love good food and good company? A great tablescape sets the scene for a gathering. It’s a unique reflection of those seated around the table and is filled with materials and textures that feel special. There are absolutely no steadfast rules when it comes to setting the perfect table, but we do have some tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you master the art of tablescaping.


Add Layers

The most impactful tablescapes are layered. A beautiful table linen or runner sets the stage and serves as a dynamic backdrop. From there, we like to use the “rule of three” for setting dinnerware, meaning that each place setting has three key items: a charger or placemat, a dining plate, and a top plate. Your cutlery and glassware are added layers as are the napkins and decorative items on the table. The more varied the layers, the better! It’s all about a lively and interesting composition, which means utilizing different shapes, heights, colors, patterns, and textures.


Embrace Color

Adding color is the easiest and most cost-effective way to create high impact anywhere in your home. This rings true for your dining room table too. Color Theory 101 is based on the principle that colors evoke a mood. Red is associated with passion and excitement while blue promotes relaxation and tranquility, for example. When entertaining, a wide array of vibrant colors immediately feel celebratory. Repeat after us: Color is your friend!


Don’t be Afraid to Mix & Match

Say goodbye to matchy-matchy FOREVER! That may be a little bit dramatic, but it is OK if you don’t have perfectly coordinated sets of fine china at home. Your place settings don’t have to match. Actually, it’s better if they don’t in many cases. The key is repetition so your set table looks intentional. You can create a cohesive look by finding subtle similarities that unify different pieces. A mix-and-match approach to entertaining keeps the vibe fun and easygoing. And we all know that fun is more important than perfect when it comes to parties!


Let Your Seasonal Centerpiece Shine

Floral centerpieces are always a crowd-pleaser. They are eye-catching, fragrant, and bring a sense of freshness to a table. But if you don’t have a florist on speed dial, we’ve got you. Entertaining shouldn’t be stressful. Take a look around your home and pull some things you love. You’d be surprised how many things you already own could make a lovely centerpiece for the holidays. A decorative bowl filled with ornaments, a collection of nutcrackers, elegant candlesticks paired with cuttings from your own yard, or a vessel of seasonal fruit are all winners.

Make it Personal

Absolutely nothing beats the personal touch. It’s these touches that guests will remember most. Maybe it’s serving your guest’s favorite cocktail or having place cards hand-written by your child. No matter what it is, the little things go a long way!


Are you hosting over the holidays? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks for a successful soiree in the comments.


Cover Image: Half-Baked Harvest