Our friends over at Etsy have released their 2023 Holiday Home Trends and the list is too good not to share. And before you ask, yes, we definitely do enough shopping on Etsy to officially call them friends. This year’s list of merry must-haves is a delight and is sure to add to the magic of the holiday season.


Gingerbread Girl

While “tomato girl” ruled the summer, “gingerbread girl” is predicted to be one of the “it” aesthetics this winter. Centered around nostalgia, this trend is all about celebrating simplicity, tradition, and, of course, all things baking. Etsy reports that shoppers are leaning into warm tones, cozy textures, foraged decor, and vintage pieces. Easy ways to achieve the look this holiday season include wreath sashes (think a scarf for your wreath instead of the traditional bow), inviting bedding accented with ruffles or gingham, personalized recipe boxes, and holiday cookie cutters.

Gingerbread Girl | Images via Etsy



We love a beautiful tablescape for the holidays so we are thrilled that Etsy has zeroed in on another surface that can shine even brighter this season. Meet tablescaping’s not-so-distant cousin mantelscaping. When it comes to styling your fireplace mantle, the options are endless! From garlands and ornaments to candles and ceramic trees, unleash your personal style in the heart of your home. Plus, you don’t have to redo it every time guests come (bonus!). The trick for a standout mantle is mixing the heights, shapes, and textures of your decorative elements. Don’t have a fireplace? No need to stress. The same concept can be used on a sideboard, coffee table, or other focal piece in your home.

Mantlescaping | Images Via Etsy


Grandpa Chic

Another summer trend is getting a winter rebrand. If you loved “coastal grandmother” (see our blog on this trend here), you’ll adore “grandpa chic”. Providing a warm sense of history and comfort, this distinguished decor style is characterized by the combination of rich tones – like burgundy, olive green, and tobacco brown – and traditional materials like dark woods, plaid textiles, and leather. Etsy has seen a recent surge in searches for wood and leather items across its home goods and gifts category. And with good reason — such a lovely handcrafted touch!

Grandpa Chic | Images via Etsy


Elevated Entertaining

After several years of virtual gatherings and outdoor entertaining, the art of hosting has made its triumphant return. People are craving time with loved ones and are placing a deeper importance on creating memories with their nearest and dearest over the holidays. As a result, Etsy has seen a staggering 10x site search increase in entertaining items including glassware, barware, placemats, tea towels, and more. Alternatively, searches for disposable dining items are trending down suggesting that shoppers also are more interested in sustainable and eco-friendly options this year.

Elevated Entertaining | Images via Etsy



In a year dominated by all things pink (thanks, Barbie!), it’s no surprise that some shoppers are seeking little more whimsy this holiday season. In a fun trend that Etsy is dubbing as “Candycore”, you’ll find iridescent materials, playful patterns, and pastel colors inspired by a sugary fantasy world. Sign us up for any world filled with lollipops, candy canes, and gumdrops anytime! To prevent your home decor from feeling like a glitter explosion, incorporate this trend in smaller doses with ornaments, table centerpieces, kitchen accents, and linens.

Candycore | Images via Etsy


Is there a home trend you are looking forward to adding to your annual holiday traditions? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear what you are planning this year.