On Sunday nights for the last several months, you could find most of the GW Real Estate team tuned into Succession. While we watched the constant scheming of the dysfunctional Roy family, an unexpected social media trend emerged from the halls of Waystar Royco: Quiet Luxury. At its essence, quiet luxury is focused on high-end pieces that are to meant to appear understated. Also nicknamed “stealth wealth”, there has been a growing cultural fascination with the subtle and toned-down world where the saying goes “money talks, wealth whispers”. In fact, according to recent Google Trends data, searches for quiet luxury exploded over the past year by a staggering 614%.


While the quiet luxury trend is rooted in fashion thanks in part to the fictitious Shiv Roy’s wardrobe of impeccably tailored blazers and minimalist turtlenecks,  the same concept easily transfers to home design. It’s about investing in key pieces (think a high-quality sofa) that have an enduring and timeless aesthetic. Making intentional purchases that enhance your home, quiet luxury encourages design restraint vs. jumping on every trend. We like to think of it as the antithesis of fast fashion / mass production where cheap costs and quick timelines reign supreme. With quiet luxury, the materials and craftsmanship do the majority of the talking.


How to Achieve the Quiet Luxury Look

Don’t get us wrong, we all make impulse purchases every now and then, but we prefer to invest in items that will stand the test of time. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Let Shiv show you how quiet luxury is done…


Classic Patterns

Shiv’s Take: A feminine double-breasted blazer dress with a subtle plaid pattern that means business

Succession | HBO


Our Take: When installing semi-permanent elements in your home like tile, countertops, or wood flooring, opt for timeless choices. Checkboard tile flooring, marble, and mid-tone hardwoods are timeless. Save your trendy picks for easier-to-switch-out items like pillows and decor.


Monochromatic Layers

Shiv’s Take: Harmonious layers of tone-on-tone color that complement and project an air of confidence

Succession | HBO


Our Take: Using similar shades throughout a room looks cohesive and chic. The trick to avoiding it feeling one-note is to incorporate a wide range of hues – both light and dark – for a sense of depth.


Luxurious Materials

Shiv’s Take: A luxe silk blouse and perfectly-tailored pant ensemble that says simple and understated, while the fit screams custom

Succession | HBO


Our Take: Just like in clothing, fabrics like velvet, silk, linen, leather, mohair, and fine cotton add a sense of luxury to your home. If you have concerns about durability, seek performance versions of your favorite materials.


Subtle Colors

Shiv’s Take: Breaking from classic black, white, beige, and gray with pseudo-neutrals like soft blues

Succession | HBO


Our Take: Bring soft, restful colors into your home to create an elevated palette. While neutral whites, taupes, and grays are always a safe bet, we too believe shades of blue, green, and even blush are great neutrals!


Natural Textures

Shiv’s Take: Sleek, yet oh-so-soft black cashmere turtleneck with a pair of wool trousers that would make Katharine Hepburn weep

Succession | HBO


Our Take: Good design incorporates the senses. It isn’t all about the looks. Using natural materials and textures like rich wood tones, sleek stone, and the subtle shine of metal invite touch. And if you are looking for quiet luxury bonus points: engage your sense of smell with fresh, fragrant flowers.


The trick to successfully creating the quiet luxury look is to strike a balance. Layer enough to ensure your home doesn’t feel empty while editing enough to keep your space from feeling too loud. Bonus: a balanced home naturally creates a lower-stress environment… and, let’s be honest, we all need that!



Cover Photo: Sarah Sherman Samuel