There are certain FAQs that you get as a Realtor. One topic we get asked about all the time may surprise you… PAINT. Yes, everyone wants to know what colors are trending, the best shades of white, or if moody colors can be timeless. Well, lucky for us, the largest paint company in the world isn’t afraid to spill a few secrets. Sherwin-Williams‘ best-selling colors are always a good place to start when updating your space. After all, they are the most popular picks for a reason. From calming neutrals to sophisticated shades, here are the top 10 best-selling Sherwin-Williams paint colors of all time…


1. Accessible Beige

Unlike many beiges, this color has undertones of gray that can give your space a warm, snug feel. Pairs well with earthy tones.


2. Iron Ore

This cool, deep and mysterious charcoal can lend an air of sophistication when used sparingly in well-lit spaces – or on exteriors.


3. Natural Linen

This light, warm neutral brings a subtle breezy vibe to any room. With a greige undertone, this beige pairs well with light wood tones.


4. Evergreen Fog

This versatile, chameleon color will breathe a calming freshness into your space. Consider this gorgeous green-meets-gray with just a bit of blue in a bedroom.


5. Naval

This deep blue, with its cool gray-green undertone, brings a meditative serenity to your space. Perfect for your study or office as well as cabinetry.


6. Pure White

This versatile, bright white has the slightest yellow undertone that keeps it from appearing too stark. Use on trim for the perfect complement.


7. Urbane Bronze

Rooted in nature, this brownish gray evokes a down-to-earth tranquility and a subtle sophistication that is hard to beat.


8. Sea Salt

This cool, muted green with blue undertones makes every day feel like a relaxing beach day. Set it off nicely with white trim.


9. Gauntlet Gray

Dare to go dark with this striking gray. Its warm greige undertone makes this neutral feel surprisingly lively.


10. Alabaster

When you want the brightness of a white without sacrificing a warm coziness, try this soft, warm but balanced white. And turn up the peaceful.


Did your favorite Sherwin-Williams paint color make the top 10? Share your pick in the comments below.