It’s rare for something to be both trendy and totally unique at the same time. But then again, burl wood is not your average wood. Decidedly bold, yet natural and organic, burl wood makes a statement unlike any other. Trees form burls, which are external knots or growths, when they experience some type of stress or injury. We like to think that it’s proof that there is true beauty in imperfection! It’s this intricate wood grain pattern born from trauma that adds rich character and an element of surprise to any room. Sought after by makers, designers, and home enthusiasts alike, burl wood has taken the furniture market by storm again in 2023. You’ll find everything from dining room tables and bathroom vanities to picture frames and decorative boxes in a wide variety of species, colors, and patterns.

Here are some of our favorite burl wood beauties that are sure to inspire you to weave this natural treasure throughout your home…














What do you think of these one-of-a-kind twisting patterns and unusual grains? Is this wild formation a must for your home?



Cover Photo: Oyster Creek Studios