When the calendar year turns, it’s natural to take stock of where you have been and look forward to what lies ahead. New year, new me — as they say. This sentiment carries over to home design as well. Seeing fresh design trends always energizes our team. We love seeing how clients, builders, and neighbors infuse personality in their homes and incorporate emerging design elements. It’s not about overhauling your home. It’s about finding inspiration and obtainable ways to refresh your space so you truly love every inch of it. After diving into all of the design pros’ predictions for 2024, here is a roundup of our favorite design trends that will unfold throughout the year (and beyond)…


Statement Tile

In 2024, we’ll see more designers and homeowners taking a statement-making approach to tile. From pattern and color to interesting layouts and dynamic pairings, tile is taking a step up on both walls and floors. The eye-catching options are virtually endless!




Layered Lighting

Lamps will shine, quite literally, this year. While recessed lighting has its place (especially in kitchens in bathrooms), more and more homeowners are opting for softer, layered lighting instead of relying only on overhead lighting. Chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, pendants, and table lamps offer greater flexibility and light control. It’s the perfect decorative yet functional option for any room.




Elevated Secondary Spaces 

Secondary spaces aren’t taking a backseat in 2024. Instead, formerly utilitarian rooms are becoming jewel boxes that pack a big design punch. Laundry rooms, pantries, walk-in closets, and mudrooms are all getting a facelift. Plus, more homeowners are getting creative and re-purposing under-used spots to better fit their needs. We love the idea of turning a storage closet into a stylish bar or creating a work-from-home nook at the end of the hallway. Nothing is off-limits — including Rachel’s dream of creating a scullery off her kitchen!





Anyone can add the basics to a room. Sofa for a living room. Table for a dining room. Headboard for a bedroom. Check, check, check. What takes a space to the next level is that added layer of ornamentation. The right embellishments can turn something good into something great (dare we say extraordinary!) in the blink of an eye. Expect to see scalloped edges, fluted cabinetry, fringed furniture accents, contrast welting, drapery trims, decorative wall moldings, and more in 2024. No detail is too small when it comes to this trend with staying power.




Unexpected Wallpaper Locations

There is no denying that wallpaper has already made a comeback. What we are excited to see more of in 2024 is homeowners using it in unexpected places. Whimsical wallpaper brings a little fun and surprise to spaces that are often overlooked. Some of our favorite places to wallpaper include narrow hallways, closets, inside bookshelves, and — of course — ceilings! It’s such a clever way to showcase your personality in a low-commitment way. 




What 2024 home design trend catches your eye? Leave us a comment below. We would love to hear what you are loving this year.


Cover Photo: Kate Lester Interiors via Sunset