The calendar hasn’t caught quite up yet, but the Genevieve Williams Real Estate team has officially declared it the start of summer! From our favorite beach reads to the pool floats that best match our 2023 vibe, check out our summer must-haves…


Favorite Beach Read


Guilty-Pleasure Summer TV Show or Movie

  • Genevieve: The Goonies with my boys!
  • Rachel: Reruns of Friends
  • Siobhan: Knee-Deep into HBO’s Succession Right Now
  • Emily: Zero Guilt Involved, but The Great on Hulu
  • Bailey: Summer House on Bravo


CLT Restaurant Outdoor Patio You Love


Go-To Refreshing Drink

  • Genevieve: Spanish Gin & Tonic
  • Rachel: Caipirinha
  • Siobhan:  Espresso Soda (Americano with Sparkling Water)
  • Emily:  Topo Chico
  • Bailey: Spicy Margarita


Go-To Summer Sweet Treat

  • Genevieve: Key Lime Pie
  • Rachel: Two Scoops Cookies by the Sea Ice Cream
  • Siobhan:  Jeni’s Sweet Cream Biscuits & Peach Jam Ice Cream
  • Emily: Anything Strawberry!
  • Bailey: Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade


Best Summer Weekend Trip Locale

  • Genevieve: Mountains
  • Rachel: Hilton Head
  • Siobhan: Charleston
  • Emily: Blowing Rock
  • Bailey: Charleston


Dream Summer Vacation Spot

  • Genevieve: Anywhere on a Boat!
  • Rachel: The Azores Region of Portugal
  • Siobhan: The Amalfi Coast in Italy
  • Emily: Alaska
  • Bailey: Italy’s Amalfi Coast


Favorite Summer Beauty Item

  • Genevieve: Laura Mercier Bronzer
  • Rachel: Blue Lizard Sunscreen
  • Siobhan: SuperGoop Glow Getter
  • Emily: Bright-Colored Nail Polish for those Summer Pedicures
  • Bailey: 50+ SPF Sunscreen


Favorite Summer Fashion Item

  • Genevieve: Full-Brim Hat
  • Rachel: Flip Flops
  • Siobhan: Sundress
  • Emily: Statement Necklace to Dress Up a T-Shirt
  • Bailey: A Hat – floppy, bucket, baseball cap, whatever!


Favorite Summer Household Item

  • Genevieve: Ferns on the Porch
  • Rachel: Reusable Water Bottle
  • Siobhan: Our Backyard Garden Beds Filled with Fresh Veggies and Herbs
  • Emily: Linen Bedding
  • Bailey: Air Conditioning 😂


Name One of Summer’s Small Pleasures You Enjoy

  • Genevieve: No School Schedule or Set Routine
  • Rachel: Spending the Day by the Water
  • Siobhan: Playing in the Backyard until the Sun Sets
  • Emily:  Letting my Hair Air Dry
  • Bailey: Summer Thunderstorms


Something You’re Looking Forward To This Summer

  • Genevieve: Extra Family Time
  • Rachel: Getting Back Up on Water Skis (I haven’t done it in 30 years!)
  • Siobhan: Visiting Friends & Family at the Beach
  • Emily: Finishing My Kitchen Renovation
  • Bailey: River Jam at the Whitewater Center


What Pool Float Matches Your 2023 Summer Vibe

  • Genevieve: Green Alligator
  • Rachel: Whatever Will Cradle Me in the Water with Minimal Effort Getting In & Unattractive Enough to Children that My Kids Won’t Steal It!
  • Siobhan: Pineapple
  • Emily: Swan
  • Bailey: Watermelon Slice


What’s on your summer must-have list this year? Leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!