As much as we love bright & airy interiors (always a winning combination with prospective buyers!), it is fun to see more homeowners breaking the mold with their design choices this year. We have been noticing an uptick in dark and moody rooms and we are here for it! Deep, saturated color schemes can give a room depth, calmness, coziness, and, of course, a little drama. Sure, going dark may seem like a design risk, but don’t fret. It’s just paint! Plus, it is always a good idea to pair a rich paint color with good light sources, reflective surfaces, and contrasting brighter elements.


Need a little convincing? Check out these moody rooms that are sure to make you go to the dark side… 









Loving this trend? What room in your home would you like to make moodier? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.  


Cover Photo Source: Park & Oak