In many ways, lighting is an unsung hero. It is an absolute necessity and a highly functional foundational element in your home, but rarely is it discussed as often as furniture, paint color, or flooring. Our team is a big believer in the power of lighting. It can completely transform your space and should be an important part of home design. So, where should you start? Here are 5 lighting trends we are really loving right now:


Sculptural Table Lamps

Lamps with sculptural shapes and eye-catching designs effectively turn your lighting into pieces of art that are just as pretty when turned off as they are when they are turned on. A bold table lamp can elevate the furniture piece it sits on and is a great way to exhibit your personality. Lamps are low commitment, easy to switch out, and require zero electrical work. A high-impact home design project that can be completed in a matter of moments? Sign us up!



Natural Materials

The growing design movement that favors nature’s simplistic beauty has made its way into lighting as well. Natural materials like wicker, wood, cotton, cork, raffia, and rattan add incredible texture to a room. These organic elements create visual interest in a space and are surprisingly versatile style-wise.  They read more earthy and exotic than rustic so they can look great amongst both modern and traditional decor.


Oversized Light Fixtures

Sometimes bigger really is better. Throw out the old rule book on scale and proportion and create a “wow” factor. Bold, statement-making lighting will act as the centerpiece of your room and works especially well with higher ceilings and open floor plans. We love the look of a single dramatic chandelier or a cluster of large-scale pendants.


A Pop of Color

We have long known that color impacts your mood so it is no surprise that color has made the leap to lighting from other elements of your home. Color and pattern speak to us both emotionally and aesthetically. When it comes to incorporating added color, take a cue from your closet and view lighting as an accessory that should complement, but not necessarily match, your room.


Statement Bulbs

When we think of lights, we automatically think about the fixture itself. However, lightbulbs have more recently become an essential and oftentimes visible element of a light fixture’s design so their style matters too. An Edison bulb can create a vintage, industrial vibe while a round bulb shape can modernize a more traditional chandelier. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to create a look a fresh look that is uniquely you.


Are there any other lighting trends you are loving right now? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



Cover Image: Salt Design Company