Unpredictable April snow aside, it is officially spring. With the change in seasons, it’s a great time to swap out winter styles for something vibrant. We spoke with our stager, Molly, owner of Modish Co., to get the scoop on interior design trends for 2019:

Q: What are the recent trends for 2019 home decor?

Mixing Design Styles: Rooms that are decorated in entirely one décor style can end up feeling stale and lacking character. Mixing design styles is trending more and more, and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon (or maybe even ever!). Mixing styles makes a room feel fresh and interesting, and it lends itself to real life. Most people don’t have the budget or resources to decorate their entire home at one time with all new furniture in the on-trend style du jour. More often than not, people that do this end up regretting it a few years later when it feels dated (whether its the mid-century modern resurgence, the modern farmhouse explosion, or the 2010’s all-grey everything movement). A lot of people have something from Grandma that they are attached too, but not quite sure how to work it in. Mixing styles allows you to incorporate those precious family heirlooms and collect quality pieces you love over time, regardless of trends. Invest in what you love, not what’s on-trend.

Mixed style living room

Bold Hues: All white or grey spaces can certainly feel peaceful, clean, and minimal, but can also leave some feeling uninspired. People are moving toward warmer tones and getting more adventurous with color in bold, saturated hues, and loving the dimension and depth they can add to a room. Rich hues of earthy green in particular is something you’ll see continually popping up more and more. People are looking to bring the outside in, and nothing represents the vibrancy and life of nature more than green.

Bold hues

Murals: The resurgence of wallpaper in recent years has murals rising in popularity as well. It gives the look and impact of a large scale piece of art at a more affordable price point, and is a fun way to infuse your personality into the home in one big statement.


Light Wood Floors: Homeowners are moving away from dark or ebony finishes and light wood tones have come to the forefront recently, providing that more open and airy feel people are searching for. Light finishes like birch or white oak make a home reflect light, and make a home feel causal and luxe at the same time.

Light floors

Square tile is back: This one might surprise some folks, but it’s true. Square tiles are making a major comeback! And I’m not mad about it. Subway tile is still a fool-proof classic, but I’m not talking about the 90s McMansion square tiles we once knew. Think hand crafted clay with texture, glazes, and imperfections that hit all the right notes.  

square tile

Q: What trends do you think are going to stay?

Trends are tough because they are just that, trends! They come and go, and the design industry is built on telling you to throw out everything they said was hot 2 years ago. Which just isn’t real life (for most of us). In the age of Pinterest and Instagram, anything popular is bound to get overly done, and fast. This is why I’m refreshed to see mixing design styles becoming so prevalent in design; it just makes more sense for real people, with real budgets, and perhaps a real design identity crisis, hah! Most people I work with say, “I don’t even know what to call my style,” because they appreciate and love so many. This mixing trend is actually less trend-focused and more focused on going for what you love and making it work together! It’s more authentic, curated, and can be more representative of a variety of personalities that may live in the home. That being said, there is an art to mixing design styles and can easily turn from mixed to madness if you’re not careful. This is a great article on the art of the mix.

Q: What on-trend pieces are worth investing in?

A quality rug is my favorite investment piece, and will hold its value long-term. Artful and traditional style vintage rugs (oriental, Persian, Turkish) are currently trending, but you’ll also never see it go out of style. Investing in a more classic style or one-of-a-kind vintage rug has major staying power (in style and value), and looks fantastic paired with both modern or traditional furnishings.

Q: What colors are worth painting your walls and would have some staying power?  

A neutral paint pallet is the safest bet if you’re looking for staying power because it gives you the freedom to redecorate on a whim, or neutralize your home for resale if you don’t see it as your forever home. Though design trends for neutrals are steering further away from cool greys, and moving toward warmer neutrals in the white or greige family.  

Q: What are your favorite items to switch out to change up a room?

I love building the base of a room with neutral pieces and upholstery so it can easily be refreshed from season to season or when boredom strikes. Accessories like art, pillows, and accents can really update a room, instantly change a color scheme, and make it take on a new look. Something as simple as switching out a rug can be immediately transformative! I also love to remind people that things are not glued to the floor once you place them in a room. Relocating furniture within your home can make an old piece or a tired room take on totally new life.

Q: Are there items that you can get on a budget to update your home to stay on-trend?

Like I mentioned above, soft goods, small accents, and accessories. Replacing big pieces of furniture is where it gets costly. It’s amazing what a new rug and some pillows can do to instantly change the entire feeling of a room, and the same goes with small accents and accessories. Small touches like replacing an old lamp, or adding an accent piece like a garden stool floating in the room can visibly and inexpensively update a room. But also light fixtures. Especially if you’re considering resale in the foreseeable future, this is hands-down the quickest and easiest ways to update a home without significant investment.  The impact a new chandelier makes for any room is undeniable.

Q: What are some of your favorite places to shop for on-trend and seasonal items around Charlotte?  

Slate Interiors and South End Exchange are my go-to places to shop for interesting and artful pieces in Charlotte. Both have a healthy mix of vintage and new, and a carry a steady flow of one-of-a-kind statement furniture pieces and accessories that can be the star of any room. Who doesn’t love a conversation piece?