It’s that time of year when a chill is in the air and we officially enter what we lovingly refer to a “fireplace weather.” A beautiful fireplace enhances your home’s appeal and can serve as a focal point and major design element in your room. As Realtors who regularly work with buyers who have a fireplace on their “must-have” list, we know the importance of having a fireplace design that works year-round. You want your fireplace to look just as good during the off-season as it does when it is in high use. Plus, anyone living in North Carolina knows that chill in the air could turn into a summer-like heatwave and back again without a moment’s notice!


Here are 5 fireplace design trends inspiring us right now…


Luxe All-Stone Fireplaces

Marble has been a favorite material for kitchen countertops and bathroom tiles for decades, so it is no surprise it makes for a stunning fireplace surround too. Natural stones like granite, limestone, marble, soapstone, and slate are as timeless as they are luxurious. The veining, color variation, and movement in natural stone can be subtle or dramatic so it is easy to create a look that perfectly suits your taste. There are also engineered stone options like quartz that mimick the look of natural stone for an even bigger array of style and color options.





Fireplace Wall Treatments

Treating your fireplace as a focal point means thinking about the wall it sits on as well. Why not make it a feature? From trim or decorative tile to wallpaper or wood paneling, there are seemingly endless ways to make your space feel special at any price point. Plus, wall treatments are a great and simple way to kick up the style factor without needing extensive demo or a general contractor.






Outdoor Fireplaces

Fireplaces aren’t just for the indoors! Make your outdoor rooms, porches, and patios more usable during colder months by adding some heat. If creating a fully-functioning fireplace chimney is a bit more than you want to tackle, there are lots of other low-lift options on the market. We are especially big fans of firepits! Some firepit models are portable and are even built into outdoor furniture pieces.




Fireplace with Built-Ins

Built-in cabinetry surrounding a fireplace is always a crowd-pleaser. Potential buyers and homeowners alike love it when form meets function in a high-traffic room. Our tip is to incorporate a mixture of airy open shelves for the display of decorative items and closed-door cabinetry to hide those real-life messes. Plus, make sure your built-ins are in keeping with the overall style of your room so they seamlessly blend with the rest of your home.



Floor-to-Ceiling Fireplaces

Sometimes a little drama is exactly what the doctor (or the Realtor, in this case) calls for! Floor-to-ceiling fireplaces do a great job of emphasizing soaring ceiling heights and creating a sense of grandeur. Whether it is a newly-built fireplace made to look like it was always meant to be there (Chris Loves Julia) or a refurbished copper hood that breathes new life into a vintage fireplace original to the home (Sarah Sherman Samuel), these statement elements become a key piece of the architecture of the home.





Anyone else ready to curl up by the fire to watch a movie or read a good book?