If the pollen isn’t a big enough indication that spring has truly sprung, the Charlotte housing market certainly is screaming it loudly. Whether buying or selling is on the horizon or not, we always have clients, friends, and neighbors asking for our recommendations on what home improvement projects they should tackle this time of year. We love getting this question because it shows that people are thinking about added value and future re-sale in addition to what makes them a happy homeowner.


Of course, not all home projects are made equal. They can vary wildly in terms of both money and time depending on the scope. Many of the improvements we frequently discuss with our clients also topped HomeAdvisor’s recently-released True Cost Report. Take a look at the top 3:


1. Interior Painting

Paint is a cost-effective and low-investment way to freshen up your space, highlight architectural features, and set the tone for your furnishings. It ranked #1 in 2020 home projects with about 35% of households completing an interior painting project and, on average, costing $2,007.


2. Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms can and should be more than functional space. We all need a relaxing treat so it is no surprise that 31% of homeowners tackled a bathroom renovation in 2020.  The average cost? $13,401. A well-done bathroom remodel can add a lot of value to your home, but you can also make some thoughtful updates to improve your space without breaking the bank. Upgraded storage, new fixtures and hardware, and updated lighting can all be done on a budget.


3. New Flooring

Keep in mind that future buyers like a cohesive look when it comes to flooring. If you change materials, pay close attention to how and where the materials transition. While hardwood floors, new or refinished, are still king with a high return on investment, there are other options. Plus, tile continues to be both a practical and pretty choice for bathrooms and mudrooms. With an average project cost of $4,680, approximately 26% of households installed new flooring somewhere in their home in 2020.


So what else made the list of top home improvement projects and what do these projects cost? Check out the top 20 from HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Report:


Keep us in mind as you think about your 2021 home projects. Our team is always happy to consult on choices or provide feedback on how improvements could affect re-sale now or down the line.