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It is safe to say that 2020 threw all of us for a loop and left us with more questions than answers in many respects. We have had our newest Notable Woman and tarot card reader, Mariah Oller of Harvest & Moon, do readings at past Genevieve Williams Real Estate events and we love that her mission is to help people explore what they want in their lives. Whether you are seeking guidance on something specific in your life or simply have the renewed sense of determination and hope that come with the new year, we hope that 2021 brings you joy, inspiration, peace, and success.


For those that are not familiar, what is tarot?

Tarot is a tool to help people make decisions regarding their future. The cards have been around since at least the 1400s and were commonly used by European royalty.


How did you learn to read tarot cards?

I learned to read tarot through research. I created a journal that I used to record my observations, questions, and notes on each of the 78 cards. It took me years to get a good understanding of the cards. I don’t think I will ever stop learning about them since each card is based on a life lesson.

You are a biologist turned tarot reader. Now that is an interesting career move! What made you decide to turn in your lab coat to become a professional tarot reader?

There were so many layers to this decision. I had the privilege of working as the lead biologist for a medical device company very early in my career. It was a great job, but it was not my calling, and that became overwhelmingly clear once I had my oldest daughter. I left very soon after having her and explored a few different paths before I landed on tarot. It was incredibly scary to share my private spiritual practice with the world, and at the same time, I knew deep in my soul it was the right move.


What are the most common topics clients come to you for guidance and advice on?

I’m a very action-oriented tarot reader. People come to me whenever they are feeling scared, uncertain, or stagnant in some area of their life. I regularly look into relationship dynamics, career decisions, living situations, parenthood journeys, and schooling decisions. Many first-timers are surprised by how relevant all of the information is.


How can people benefit from a tarot reading in your opinion?

Overall, my clients find more emotional fulfillment in their lives, though they all have a unique way of getting there. Knowing the end result gives people the confidence to take bold action in their lives. It’s an invaluable resource for people dealing with anxiety.


What is the best part of your job?

There are so many things I love about my job! The connection is amazing. I get to have incredible conversations about things that matter to people. The best part is the feedback and photos I get afterward. I love when my clients share how they tripled their income, bought their dream house, found freedom after leaving a problematic partner, and getting to see the sweet babies we’ve pulled cards on. That part will never get old.


What services do you offer and how can people book a reading with you?

Right now I’m offering virtual tarot readings for individuals and groups. Once the pandemic is under control, I’ll also be pulling cards at events and parties. You can learn more about me and my readings at or follow me on Instagram.

When you aren’t busy with readings, what are some of your favorite Charlotte spots?

Most of my favorite places have changed because of the Pandemic. These days you can find me at Latta Plantation, Clarks Creek Nature Preserve, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, or checking out some of the incredible outdoor art installations, like Meredith Connelly’s “Lights” exhibit at the Whitewater Center.


My favorite shops and makers are Covet Atelier, Revival Vintage, Flower Child Heirlooms, That’s Novel Books, The Golden Carrot, Crown Chakra Millinery, Mood House, and Grow.


I love getting to eat at Hawkers, Haberdish, Ace No. 3, and STIR.


What is one piece of advice or lesson you have learned that you can share with other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

If ever you come to a crossroads in your journey, or if you’re doubting your worth, imagine what you would tell your daughter to do, then go do that thing.



To learn more about Mariah and book a tarot reading, visit the Harvest & Moon website or follow her on Instagram