The Genevieve Williams Real Estate team has added a new member, Emily Spratt. Emily is the team’s marketing manager extraordinaire, managing social media, direct mail, content development, and events. She worked previously in marketing for a privately-owned regional retailer supporting over 250 stores and a growing eCommerce site. With a focus in special events, social media, and email marketing, Emily is a core asset to the GWRE team. When you drop by our office, be sure to say hello; until then, here’s a bit about Emily:

Q: How long have you lived in Charlotte?

I am actually a native Charlottean. I am not sure that that makes me a unicorn, but it certainly feels like it is becoming more and more rare. I love this area and it is home for me. Clearly, that sentiment runs deep because my family has been here for generations—literally. The Spratts were among the early settlers in Mecklenburg County in the 1700s.

Q: When people come to visit you here, where do you take them? 

Should I be concerned that the first 5 things that immediately came to mind are all food and beverage related? Seems like my idea of entertaining is all about food! Some of my favorite spots are: 300 East, Kid Cashew, Zada Jane’s, Toscana, Amelie’s, and Café Monte.

I also love shopping for home items and gifts. Unique Charlotte places always on my list are High Cotton Home, Traditions, Slate Interiors, City Supply Co., Paper Skyscraper, and Cotswold Marketplace.

Q: What is your best advice for newcomers in Charlotte? 

Explore! One of the things I love about Charlotte is that neighborhoods almost have their own personalities. It is important to love your neighborhood and all it offers, but there is a lot to see if you venture out from your home base. I have always loved day trips and weekend escapes and the idea of mini trips lends itself perfectly Charlotte and nearby destinations. Make a day at the lake, venture to the mountains, go furniture shopping in High Point or Hickory. The options are endless. 

Q: What brought you to the real estate industry?

My interest in real estate has always been there. Early on, it was more of a dreamer’s state, picking out my favorite houses as I drove around town and constantly pinning home images on Pinterest (who are we kidding? I still do this!). It evolved from there as I began looking for my first place. I loved every minute of the home search process. In 2018, I decided to take the plunge and get my real estate license. 

Joining GWRE is a great opportunity because it marries two areas I love: marketing and real estate. Plus, the first time I met the GWRE team, I immediately knew they were dynamic, innovative, and personable. It is a great environment and I love learning from them.

Q: How would you describe your decorating style? 

Overall, I would say Organic Modern. I love clean lines, neutral colors, and natural textures. I gravitate to light and airy spaces and appreciate coming home to soothing space. I prefer to add personality with interesting pattern and texture combinations instead of bold color. I love linen, grasscloth, marble, and cerused oak.

Q: What is a trend in marketing you’re following? 

While I do think that emerging technology in marketing like AI and VR is cool, I have to say that I am a big fan of the content marketing trend. Seeing marketers investing more in producing unique content really speaks to what clients want. Most people would rather learn about products and services through content versus traditional ads. It feels more authentic because people look to those they trust for referrals. Plus, content marketing can take so many different forms from video and blogs, to micro-influencer partnerships and customer reviews. I like seeing how creative companies can be with their marketing and how they engage with their clients.