Not all trends have short shelf lives. Some are a true lesson in staying power, but are reimagined to feel fresh and current. Such is the case with one of the trends we are absolutely loving right now — checkered or checkerboard flooring. Let’s be honest, if it was good enough for the kings and queens of France to put into the Palace of Versailles, it’s certainly good enough for our kitchen or mudroom!


In 2022, checkered floors have taken on a new life. In addition to the timeless black and white combination, we are seeing tone-on-tone and color tiles making their way into homes. Homeowners are also playing with the pattern scale as a fun way to modernize the checkerboard motif. Plus, if you aren’t ready to jump feet first into a permanent installation, incorporating a checkered rug (or wallpaper!) is a great way to embrace the trend in an easy and cost-effective way.


We have rounded up some of our favorite checkerboard moments that are sure to inspire your next design decisions…
















What do you think — are you crazy about checks? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Cover Photo: Chris Loves Julia