The great outdoors is calling (very loudly)! In part because we are sliding into summer with beautiful weather and full blooms and, in part, because being outside feels like an essential escape these days. 

If you are like us, turning your yard into your own personal oasis has just jumped to the top of your home project list. But when it comes to landscaping changes, where should you start? Well, you are in luck! The National Association of Landscape Professionals, which represent almost 1 million landscape lawn, and tree care professionals in the U.S., has shared their 2020 trends just in time to inspire your plan:


Playful Patterns

Favorite materials, textures, and patterns from interior design are making their way outdoors. Natural stone, pavers, and brick continue to be popular for walkways and patios, but more homeowners are getting creative with the layout. Herringbone, chevron, and basketweave designs you commonly see inside in bathroom floor tile or kitchen backsplash installations also make for beautiful outdoor designs. 


Contemporary is King

The modern aesthetic that defines contemporary interior design also makes for striking outdoor features. Sleek outdoor kitchens rival interior ones with both functionality and eye-catching design. Fire and water features, along with modern sculptures, can add personality to any yard. These hardscaping elements not only tie into your home’s interior for added continuity, but also can lengthen the usability of your backyard into additional seasons. 


Seeing Blue 

Shades of blue were declared the top colors of the year by numerous paint companies including Pantone and Sherwin-Williams, so it’s no surprise that blue is a top pick in landscaping as well. Blue is a color naturally found in Mother Nature and is associated with calm, tranquility, and relaxation – all feelings we want to have in our backyard. While blue can be incorporated through outdoor furniture and hardscaping elements, it also makes for a fun, unexpected pop of color in plants such as blue fortune, delphinium, and hydrangea


Size Doesn’t Matter

Homes come in different shapes and sizes, but having smaller square footage doesn’t limit your ability to have an outdoor space you love. Container and vertical gardens are becoming more and more popular, as they work just as well on condo balconies and townhome patios as they do in larger homes. Paired with small-scale outdoor furniture, you can easily create an outdoor room to stretch your living space. 


Perfectly Personal

The most important landscaping trend, in our opinion, is creating an outdoor space that is personalized to you, your interests, and your lifestyle. If you love to entertain, craft an outdoor space with furniture arrangements that can house plenty of guests. If you love to cook, think about an outdoor kitchen or an edible garden filled with herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Love animals? Attract birds with decorative feeders. The options are endless. 

No matter what landscaping project you decide to tackle, I think we can all agree that enjoying your outdoor space is by far the best part. Bring on summer! 

Cover photo design and photo by Emily Henderson Design.