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Client Story: The Wyatt Family

Why did you choose to move to Foxcroft? We loved the location, the expansive yards and the active neighborhood association. What was your experience with buying/selling before this one? Very limited! Our home in Chantilly was the first and only home we had ever purchased prior to moving to Old Foxcroft. What were your biggest […]

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The Independence Side of Commonwealth

The Plaza Midwood business district has undoubtedly gone through lots of changes over the years, but perhaps the most change has been seen in the last five years with both residential and commercial additions to the Independence Blvd. side of Commonwealth Ave. 2012 – The Edison The district in question begins with The Edison, an apartment complex […]

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The Home Appraisal Process in Charlotte

The home appraisal process can be one of the most stressful parts of a home sale, both for buyers and sellers. A too-low appraisal can throw a wrench in the purchase and it often seems to happen with little time left before closing. Team Genevieve Williams represents both sellers and buyers in Charlotte, so we’ve […]

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What Charlotte Buyers Want in a Yard

What do Charlotte area home buyers look for in a yard? Ask just about any buyer and they’ll tell you they want a “nice” yard or a “big backyard,” but what kind of yards do people actually put offers on? Which outdoor trends have staying power? Here’s what we see Charlotte buyers asking for when […]

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